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Alessia Cara on Ultimate Chart

Alessia Cara

Top Songs
  1. 01 Scars to Your Beautiful
  2. 02 How Far I'll Go
  3. 03 Here
  4. 04 Wild Things
  5. 05 I'm Yours
  1. 06 Seventeen
  2. 07 River Of Tears
  3. 08 Overdose
  4. 09 Outlaws
  5. 10 Stone

if you're talking to me and wild thoughts is playing in the background I am most likely 90% listening to wild thoughts

Thank u for letting me be part of this song & music video. It means the world. PL&P!!!

feeling very appalled and scared. we have to do better than this.

I used to say "great googly moogly" so who am I to talk honestly, M.

no one should use the word "goofy" probably ever

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