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Alessia Cara on Ultimate Chart

Alessia Cara

Top Songs
  1. 01 Scars to Your Beautiful
  2. 02 Here
  3. 03 How Far I'll Go
  4. 04 Wild Things
  5. 05 I'm Yours
  1. 06 Seventeen
  2. 07 River Of Tears
  3. 08 Overdose
  4. 09 Outlaws
  5. 10 Here (2:00 AM Version)

happy valentine’s day yuck

.@TheJUNOAwards thank u 🖤

#BellLetsTaIk it’s real & it’s important. every rt or tweet of the hashtag is 5 cents towards mental health initiatives.

this is beautiful and ur voice is beautiful as always. thank u thank u thank uuuu

this is so weird and I’ll never quite process it but thank u so much for ur continuous love and support and belief in me and wow and yeah

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