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Disturbed on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 The Sound Of Silence
  2. 02 Down With the Sickness
  3. 03 The Vengeful One
  4. 04 Indestructible
  5. 05 The Light
  1. 06 Stupify
  2. 07 Stricken
  3. 08 Inside The Fire
  4. 09 Land of Confusion
  5. 10 Ten Thousand Fists

Lena got her first tattoo. Good choice! #disturbedtattoos

Head over to and follow David’s @Spotify playlist to see what he is listening to!

“Hell” hit radio six years ago today. Bonus points: “Hell” was originally a b-side to what single?

#Blackhawks tonight! @nhlblackhawks

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