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Dua Lipa on Ultimate Chart

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Dua Lipa

Top Songs
  1. 01 New Rules
  2. 02 New Rules (Freedo Remix)
  3. 03 Blow Your Mind
  4. 04 Be The One
  5. 05 Hotter Than Hell
  1. 06 Thinking 'Bout You
  2. 07 Lost In Your Light (ft. Miguel)
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Dec 16 Orlando, FL Tickets
Feb 2 Dallas, TX Tickets
Feb 2 Dallas, TX Tickets
Feb 3 Houston, TX Tickets
Feb 3 Houston, TX Tickets
Feb 5 Denver, CO Tickets
Feb 6 Salt Lake City, UT Tickets
Feb 8 Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Feb 10 San Diego, CA Tickets
Feb 12 Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Feb 13 San Francisco, CA Tickets
Feb 15 Portland, OR Tickets
Feb 16 Vancouver, BC Tickets
Feb 17 Seattle, WA Tickets
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I googled fuck it up in spanish. A la mierda.


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