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Harry Styles on Ultimate Chart

Harry Styles

Top Songs
  1. 01 Sign of the Times
  2. 02 Two Ghosts
  3. 03 Sweet Creature
  4. 04 Kiwi
  5. 05 Woman
  1. 06 Meet Me in the Hallway
  2. 07 The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover BBC 1 Live Lounge)
  3. 08 Carolina
  4. 09 Only Angel
  5. 10 Ever Since New York

Last night was the last North American show this year, thank you to everyone who came out for being so wonderful. See you soon. Love you. H

Thank you for having me Dallas, I enjoyed being with you tonight. You were so lovely to me. I'll be seeing you again soon. Love Love. H

Woke up to the heartbreaking news from Las Vegas, my thoughts are with everyone and their families. Love. H

Radio City Music Hall was wonderful, thanks for having us New York City. Really love you. H

I'm playing with @whereisMUNA and @camcountry tonight in Nashville, TN. Can't wait to get all over you @TheRyman. H

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