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Julia Michaels on Ultimate Chart

Julia Michaels

Top Songs
  1. 01 Heaven
  2. 02 Issues
  3. 03 Worst in Me
  4. 04 Issues (Acoustic)
  5. 05 Uh Huh
May 30 Tacoma, WA Tickets
Jun 1 Oakland, CA Tickets
Jun 2 Sacramento, CA Tickets
Jun 4 Inglewood, CA Tickets
Jun 5 Inglewood, CA Tickets
Jun 7 Phoenix, AZ Tickets
Jun 9 Dallas, TX Tickets
Jun 12 San Antonio, TX Tickets
Jun 14 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Jun 16 Tampa, FL Tickets
Jun 17 Sunrise, FL Tickets
Sep 7 Salt Lake City, UT Tickets
Sep 13 St Louis, MO Tickets
Sep 14 Chicago, IL Tickets
Sep 16 Milwaukee, WI Tickets
Sep 18 Saint Paul, MN Tickets
Sep 20 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Sep 22 Louisville, KY Tickets
Sep 23 Nashville, TN Tickets
Sep 25 Columbus, OH Tickets
Sep 27 Toronto, ON Tickets
Sep 29 Pittsburgh, PA Tickets
Sep 30 Detroit, MI Tickets
Oct 2 Washington, DC Tickets
Oct 4 Charlotte, NC Tickets
Oct 6 Newark, NJ Tickets
Oct 7 Boston, MA Tickets
Oct 14 New York, NY Tickets
Oct 15 New York, NY Tickets
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