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Khalid on Ultimate Chart

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Top Songs
  1. 01 Young Dumb & Broke
  2. 02 Location
  3. 03 Saved
  4. 04 Another Sad Love Song
  5. 05 8TEEN
  1. 06 Coaster
  2. 07 Shot Down
  3. 08 American Teen
  4. 09 Therapy
  5. 10 Hopeless
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Apr 27 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Apr 27 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Apr 27 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Apr 27 New Orleans, LA Tickets
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May 5 San Francisco, CA Tickets
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May 30 Toronto, ON Tickets
May 31 Toronto, ON Tickets
Jun 1 Rochester Hills, MI Tickets
Jun 4 Baltimore, MD Tickets
Jun 5 Baltimore, MD Tickets
Jun 7 Raleigh, NC Tickets
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Actually, I did come out. And I talked to every fan that was waiting for me. lol

I saw her crying and had to jump down she was the cutest in the world

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