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Nicki Minaj on Ultimate Chart

Nicki Minaj

Top Songs
  1. 01 Super Bass
  2. 02 Anaconda
  3. 03 Right By My Side
  4. 04 No Frauds (ft. Drake & Lil Wayne)
  5. 05 Itty Bitty Piggy
  1. 06 Feeling Myself (ft. Beyoncé)
  2. 07 High School
  3. 08 Moment 4 Life
  4. 09 Starships
  5. 10 Pills N Potions

#PlainJaneREMIX was originally going on #Dedication6. 😃 I had already told Wayne. But after I recorded it, I had my…

Well played. Well phucking played. 😒

Man probabFUCKINGly!!!!!!! But how “high” could u rlly be this early in the day? I’m jus- 🤬

Didn’t even hit them back. 🙄😒

I told someone to bring me this thing I saw them eating. They hit back basically saying “for sure, it’s mad good”.…

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