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Starley on Ultimate Chart

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  1. 01 Call on Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
  2. 02 Call On Me
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Please vote by listening on Apple Music for more than 30 sec! Click here to listen!!!! 🐞😘 #callonme #arias2017

Now hearing "Call on Me" is up for an @ARIA_Official is just blowing my mind!! Thank you everyone who loved this record! 🐞🐞🐞😘😘😘

So many have shared their stories with me after hearing "Call on Me." I'm blessed to have received that kind of love and openness from you!

Lol it became really annoying just a few hours in.... so maybe it's just gonna be an accessory

Wanna get a lip piercing but if it messes the pleasure of eating, it's just not worth it... giving this fake a tria…

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