Deshun Breaks His Silence To Release His Explosive New “Silk Shirt” Freestyle

Louisiana born singer-songwriter and rapper Deshun is chock-full of grit that can be felt and heard in his music. Previously releasing music under his full name, Christian Deshun, he regularly graced the digital pages of DJ Booth and Earmilk. His sound can best be described as versatile. With a malleable cadence and effortless storytelling ability he creates seamless blends of hip-hop and R&B. Deshun tows the fine line between nostalgic and new-age.

Releasing his first project in 2012, titled EFF Plan B, Deshun proved his lyrical prowess on songs like “All Good” and “Chill.” The 49-minute project showed an artist unafraid and skilled in operating on a wide array of production. Deshun would take a step back from music until resurfacing in February of this year releasing his R&B crossover, “Chooselove.” Where “Chooselove” leaned on his ability as a vocalist, Deshun’s “Silk Shirt Freestyle” solidifies his ability to captivate as an MC and producer. Deshun spoke on the conception of the freestyle saying,

“I was literally drunk when I created this, and I just wanted to try something new with this song. The original beat started out with a bunch of synths and pianos, and I completely just stripped it and left with the 808’s, snares and hi-hats and said, ‘This will be dope!’ I’m adopting the mentality that simplicity is really key, and I feel whatever I’m listening to or doing and it just feels natural to just roll with it. I freestyled the hook and boom, here we are! It was truly liberating making this! I had so much fun!”

Deshun is trusting his intuition and it is clearly paying off. The latest freestyle is in preparation for his upcoming EP, Small Wins Act I, expected sometime in November. We will be keeping a close eye on Deshun as he continues to impress proving quality can be better than quantity.