Miya Folick Proves to Be A Multifaceted Pop Artist on Debut Album ‘Premonitions’


Photo: Lindsay Ellary

Miya Folick delivers a sonic world on her masterful debut album, Premonitions. The skillful songwriter is giving us a glimpse of her thoughts and feelings through a different lens. Blending pop and alternative sounds together, Folick presents an intimate musical soliloquy that’s catchy and haunting.

Throughout Premonitions, there is a heavy use of acapella vocals that act as additional instruments comparable in importance to the bass line or driving kick drum. They add interesting layers that help develop each individual track as well as the entire album. Similarly, her vocal performances indicate a strong conviction to her messages of belonging and emotional security. The introductory track “Thingamajig” is a perfect intro to the album, as the underlying vocals and growing instrumentation create a natural build to the song. The title track “Premonitions” is a retro, alternative soundscape that utilizes 80’s synth and an overall stimulating nature. “Cost Your Love” channels hard rock vibes in its emphasis on the gritty electric guitar riffs and infectious vocal acrobatics, while “Stock Image” starts with angelic wails that establish super cool synths and echoing vocal reverb effects. 

Folick is running away from social normalities in the entertaining tune “Leave The Party.” Featuring explosive horns and catchy rhythmic phrases, this song will get you amped up about being human. “Stop Talking” is her inner plea to stop talking about a boy who’s not worth her time but seems to be the only thing on her mind. Commenting on her inability to shake him like a “pathetic parrot” and “not worth” her energy, the song’s fun energy is mirrored in a quirky video full of varying scenes and hypnotic dance moves.

Moving into a more explosive tune, “Freak Out” has its real freak out moments with a prominent dynamic energy in the shouty choruses and chaotic instrumentation. “Deadbody” is a dissonant tune containing thematic parallels to that of a dead body; heavy and dense. Folick conveys anger throughout the tune by using a husky quality in her vocals and the instrumental presence of the strong drum hits. Taking a step back, “Baby Girl” is a lighter track that recounts memories with a best friend. Wishing only happiness upon this other person, the extremities of her vocal range and chamber reverb in the choruses make her sound like a lulling siren providing comfort in its chilling . Ending with “What We’ve Made,” Folick comments on how the little things impact her vision for living a full life with a loving companion.

Premonitions is a breath-taking album that showcases Miya Folick’s ability to craft amazing tunes that further form a unique album. She pushes the boundaries in her writing by playing with rhyme scheme and rhythmic phrases, making her a stand out alternative-pop artist you need to know.