PREMIERE: Amilli Presents a Minimalist Take on Heartbreak in “Maybe” Video


It’s hard to tell that German-born Amilli just turned 18. Her melodic and soulful presence is well beyond her years. The songstress has been hard at work mastering her craft in her hometown of Bochum, Germany. Many kids her age would be enjoying the freedoms of adulthood or saving money to spend on the next big merch drop. Meanwhile, Amilli is steadily working on her music, crafting the ideal balance of contemporary R&B and subtle hints of pop. Now Amilli has released her new single and video for “Maybe,” a sultry jam with an impeccably shot video to match.

Sonic minimalism is Amilli’s secret weapon. The talented artist relies on a guitar and a voluptuous electric piano paired delicately with 808s and modern drum beats. “Maybe” is the sure product of Amilli’s unique timbre. The sensuous single and video depict two sides to a single heartbreak. One side that explores those passing thoughts that linger in the back of your mind, only to be released when you finally have the chance to catch your breath. The other side is reserved and knows what’s best; It knows there is no such thing as a maybe when committing to a relationship.

“Maybe” cuts to the core with lines like “You’re what I wanted, not what I needed / I’m not fond of the memories that we did” and “What if you’re my ride or die that can make me broken inside.” The video shows Amilli calm and collected, sitting next to a microphone while another scene that cuts in and out depicts her vulnerable and heartbroken. The single and the video are well thought-out and flawlessly executed.

Amilli’s debut single “Rarri” exploded amongst the blogosphere and industry, hitting number one on Hype Machine and getting picked up by several outlets including Line of Best Fit and Schön Magazine. The single has reached 650,000 streams on Spotify already. There is no doubt that Amilli is using her minimalistic R&B with a pop flare to capture the world’s attention.

Watch the Video for “Maybe” here: