PREMIERE: ZOLA's Chilling Vocals Wrap Us in Her Web in “Blood (Sugar)”

With raw talent and velvety vocals, ZOLA delves deep into our hearts with “Blood (Sugar),” the lead single from her EP. If Lorde and Alicia Keys had a 22-year-old edgy baby, it would be ZOLA. She has the depth of a much older artist, with a chilling voice guaranteed to give you goosebumps. The range of emotions cascaded from “Blood (Sugar)” can raise anyone’s blood pressure, boasting a range of complexity from its soulful sounds to its eerie echoing vocals. ZOLA’s Everything I Know EP, set to release tomorrow, incorporates so various harmonious melodies but radiates the same warmth and joy that characterizes ZOLA. 

“Blood (Sugar)” is a dynamic track that starts as a coffee-shop beat with calm guitar-strumming and beats illuminated in the background. You hear ZOLA’s voice and it’s akin to drinking a cool glass of water – refreshing, new, and satisfying. The lyric, “Well I’m a two faced bitch,” strikes you, as she owns her issues and her contemplation. “Do I like the smell of my own blood? Slouching over me,” she sings as the bass gears up and you’re shaken into a new form of the song. As the chorus hits, you feel like a woken cosmic being as she sings, “I can’t decide if it’s me and you I wanted to see.” The song tells the story of being torn over getting back together with an ex-lover and being unsure if you can be in your own body with that decision. 

ZOLA commented on her upcoming EP, 

“This EP is very much the embodiment of self growth and self discovery. All of these songs were written with thoughts and events in my life that I had never gone through before. I think that’s what makes them so open and honest. These songs were each written in maybe a couple hours so the story and emotion attached them feel very real. This EP was definitely a way for me to nurture and let go of whatever it was I was keeping in. It was a very therapeutic experience, and I hope when people listen to the EP they’ll feel that as well.”

ZOLA instills her emotion in her songs, and that’s why she’s so effective, the mood and feelings are so tender and innate. She brings a fresh take to the music industry and enough soul to fill up album after album. Stay tuned for her debut EP, out Oct. 19.

Author: Kayla Hefter
October 18, 2018
 zola  pop  soul