Synth-Pop Duo Bogan Via Explore the Underbelly of LA on “I Want You, I Want You Too” [PREMIERE]


Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller’s hypnotic synth pop outfit Bogan Via has always explored the more subversive corners of modern pop. Their intimate live show was developed in the burgeoning Arizona music scene, where they quickly went from playing house shows to opening up for acts like Twin Shadow, Little Dragon and Phantogram. It wasn’t long before they migrated to LA where they’ve continued to produce emotionally nuanced, street beat, dream pop for their ever-growing circle of fans.

Their initial momentum seemed blessed by label support, talking point press and key opening slots, but it wasn’t all roses for the band who were robbed of their gear and demos while on tour. Other traumatic events compounded that incident, all seeming to push the band into a more self-reflective state of mind, from which they crafted their newest LP, Tough to Kill

Today we are debuting their new single, “I Want You, I Want You Too,” a dynamic track that encapsulates the themes of heartbreak, mental health, and morality that infuse the LP. Speaking on the nature of the song, the duo remark,  

“‘I Want U, I Want U Too’ is probably one of the sweeter songs on the album. It’s actually quite upbeat despite the aching, overarching themes of self-reflection and doubt. Truly, it was inspired by the grit, chaos, and brief moments of beauty in the alcohol soaked alley ways of Los Angeles.”

Tough to Kill drops Dec. 7.