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Maren Morris on Ultimate Chart

Maren Morris

Top Songs
  1. 01 I Could Use a Love Song
  2. 02 My Church
  3. 03 80s Mercedes
  4. 04 Rich
  5. 05 Dear Hate (ft. Vince Gill)
  1. 06 Once
  2. 07 Second Wind

Sometimes you just gotta do your best, be kind, keep your head down and wait your turn. I Could Use A Love Song is…

Well, this is gonna be epic... 😎😎😎

Some positivity for your morning. This boy is 16 and finds out he’s accepted to Harvard. 😊📚🎓

Can we all agree that “Face Recognition” to unlock iPhone X is your ugliest face of all time? Like, your upward ang…

Silver lining of not being home in a while... Almost top. Freaking. FIVE! 🏆

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