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Open Up Your Ears! - Jul 25, 2017

On Melodrama, Lorde reveres being young and dumb

McGill Tribune - Jul 24, 2017

Grace VanderWaal: Moonlight - Jul 21, 2017

Three Northland acts vie for top songwriting award

New Zealand Herald - Jul 20, 2017

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i cry everyday to lorde’s liability because i feel for her so much same babe ive been told im too much far too many times ☹️


Lorde singing "but you're not what you thought you were" in liability reprise is the rudest shit!! No, I did not need to sleep tonight

Gemaya FM

Lorde - Liability #NowPlaying #GemayaFM

マリアナ || 27

Liability - Lorde • after listening to this don't ever come tell me Lorde only had one hit


But my favorite songs from @lorde's had to be liability ☹️😭💔 and hard feelings/ loveless

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