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Sign of the Times

Harry Styles


Cherry King

#NowPlaying Sign of the Times de Harry Styles ♫

Alice Tomasini

@Harry_Styles Dear Harry, I love you so much and I love your songs. My favourite are two ghosts and Sign of the times. Please follow me.


#NP Sign Of The Times - @Harry_Styles on #ContinentalSunrise with Debbilicious @DebsExtra #SunriseSong


Honestly I want to thank harry styles for making sign of the times

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#NowPlaying Sign Of The Times by @harry_styles listen at

wild blueberries🌼

hey uh i never actually listened to any of harry styles' songs besides sign of the times which i'm eh about but like. this album is so good


Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles is repulsive

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