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I liked a @YouTube video AJR - Weak (Lyrics) HQ

Mr. DerpCake

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist AJR - Weak (Lyrics) HQ

Fuddle Dance Radio

Now playing AJR - Weak (Jaded Radio Remix) on Fuddle Dance Radio |

Ryan 🐢

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist AJR - Weak (Lyrics) HQ


"No thank you" is what I should've said, I should be in bed But temptations of trouble on my tongue, troubles yet to come -Weak by AJR ❤❤

Hot 10 Radio

#NowPlaying Weak (Sisco Kennedy Mixshow Edit) by AJR (CLICK LINK)

Nenad Jamić

Twenty One Pilots Vs. AJR - "Weak Dirty Soul" (Mashup) via @YouTube

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