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Brett Young on Ultimate Chart

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Brett Young

Top Songs
  1. 01 In Case You Didn't Know
  2. 02 Like I Loved You
  3. 03 Sleep Without You
  4. 04 Mercy
  5. 05 You Ain't Here To Kiss Me
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Oct 29 Hollywood, FL Tickets
Nov 10 Atlanta, GA Tickets
Nov 16 Cleveland, OH Tickets
Nov 17 Nashville, TN Tickets
Nov 18 Louisville, KY Tickets
Dec 1 Detroit, MI Tickets
Dec 2 Madison, WI Tickets
Dec 7 Dallas, TX Tickets
Dec 9 Baton Rouge, LA Tickets
Dec 13 Cincinnati, OH Tickets

G A M E // D A Y @OleMissRebels #HYDR #HOTTYTODDY

🏈 @OleMissFB Homecoming Weekend. Crank it up!

Is it ever too early for Christmas music? Nahhhh. Full song coming tomorrow. 👼

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