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One Number Away

Luke Combs

Chart Rank Over Time
Feb 15 Shreveport, LA Tickets
Feb 16 Oklahoma City, OK Tickets
Feb 17 San Antonio, TX Tickets
Feb 22 Bethlehem, PA Tickets
Feb 23 Youngstown, OH Tickets
Feb 24 Verona, NY Tickets
Mar 1 Salem, VA Tickets
Mar 3 West Palm Beach, FL Tickets
Apr 4 San Jose, CA Tickets
Apr 12 Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Apr 20 Garden City, ID Tickets
Apr 21 Spokane, WA Tickets
Apr 23 Vancouver, BC Tickets
Apr 26 Edmonton, AB Tickets
Apr 30 Charlotte, NC Tickets
May 17 Maryland Heights, MO Tickets
May 25 Hartford, CT Tickets
Jul 13 Bethel, NY Tickets
Jul 28 Dallas, TX Tickets
Sep 22 Dallas, TX Tickets
Dec 31 Chula Vista, CA Tickets
Dec 31 Maryland Heights, MO Tickets
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