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Daniel Caesar on Ultimate Chart


Daniel Caesar

Top Songs
  1. 01 Blessed
  2. 02 We Find Love
  3. 03 Best Part (ft. H.E.R.)
  4. 04 Neu Roses (Transgressor's Song)
  5. 05 Loose
  1. 06 Freudian
  2. 07 Hold Me Down
  3. 08 Streetcar
  4. 09 Get You (ft. Kali Uchis)
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Oct 19 Baltimore, MD Tickets
Oct 21 Silver Spring, MD Tickets
Oct 22 Atlanta, GA Tickets
Nov 5 Santa Ana, CA Tickets
Nov 7 Oakland, CA Tickets
Nov 12 Vancouver, BC Tickets
Nov 13 Vancouver, BC Tickets
Nov 15 Calgary, AB Tickets
Nov 26 Ottawa, ON Tickets
Dec 16 Toronto, ON Tickets
Dec 17 Toronto, ON Tickets
Dec 18 Toronto, ON Tickets
Dec 19 Toronto, ON Tickets
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Can't tell if the world is really getting worse or just more visible. It's hard to watch tho

"Freudian, A Tour" starts tomorrow. Exclusive merch available only on tour. s/o @rivertiber / 📸: @keavanx

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