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Jordan Davis on Ultimate Chart

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Jordan Davis

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  1. 01 Singles You Up
Chart Rank Over Time
Oct 17 Scranton, PA Tickets
Oct 19 Bowling Green, OH Tickets
Oct 21 Niagara Falls, ON Tickets
Oct 26 Pittsburgh, PA Tickets
Oct 27 Grand Rapids, MI Tickets
Oct 28 Cincinnati, OH Tickets
Nov 2 Madison, WI Tickets
Nov 3 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Nov 4 Detroit, MI Tickets
Nov 15 Clive, IA Tickets
Dec 1 Northfield, OH Tickets
Dec 2 Columbus, OH Tickets
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But I’ve just got to tell you how I feel

Excited to be hitting the road next week for the Plead The Fifth Tour! Who's coming out?

In honor of October baseball, flashback to a little wiffle ball in NYC...Happy Friday y’all

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