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Adios Amor

Christian Nodal

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i might go see christian nodal this weekend i’m finna be yelling adios amor

nyquil flipcup champ

Adios amor is probably the most overrated and hyped ass regional song of 2017 but the rest of Christian Nodal's album is fire


I be singing my heart out to Adios Amor by Christian Nodal 😩

jorge but spookier

adios amor - Christian Nodal (literally everywhere)

Nay 💃🏻

“ I love Christian Nodal” First of all you don’t even know Spanish and you probably only know adios amor which isn’t even by him gtfo


So good Currently on Repeat: Christian Nodal- Adiós Amor 🔥


Every time I listen to Adios Amor by Christian Nodal makes my want to cry, for no reason lol @SOMEXlCAN

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