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Jimmy Buffett on Ultimate Chart

90 58

Jimmy Buffett

Top Songs
  1. 01 Margaritaville
  2. 02 Son of a Son of a Sailor
  3. 03 Come Monday
  4. 04 Cheeseburger in Paradise
  5. 05 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
  1. 06 A Pirate Looks Fourty
  2. 07 Fins
  3. 08 He Went to Paris
  4. 09 Bama Breeze
  5. 10 Volcano
Chart Rank Over Time
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James William Buffett (born December 25, 1946) is an American musician, songwriter, author, actor, and businessman. He is best known for his music, which often portrays an "island escapism" lifestyle. Together with his Coral Reefer Band, Buffett has recorded hit songs including "Margaritaville" (ranked 234th on the Recording Industry Association of America's list of "Songs of the Century") and "Come Monday". He has a devoted base of fans known as "Parrotheads". Aside from his career in music, Buffett is also a best-selling writer and is involved in two restaurant chains named after two of his best-known songs, "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and "Margaritaville". He owns the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain and co-developed the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant chain.

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