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Teddy Riley on Ultimate Chart

27 19

Teddy Riley

Chart Rank Over Time
Mar 22 Columbus, OH Tickets
Mar 23 Memphis, TN Tickets
Mar 24 Cincinnati, OH Tickets
Mar 29 Minneapolis, MN Tickets
Mar 30 Chicago, IL Tickets
Mar 31 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Apr 6 Charlotte, NC Tickets
Apr 7 Chattanooga, TN Tickets
Apr 8 Macon, GA Tickets
Apr 12 Boston, MA Tickets
Apr 14 Richmond, VA Tickets
Apr 20 Greensboro, NC Tickets
Apr 21 Sugar Land, TX Tickets
Apr 22 Lafayette, LA Tickets
May 12 Phoenix, AZ Tickets
May 13 Inglewood, CA Tickets
Jul 6 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Jul 21 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
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